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Our Location

Our Location

1230 S Broadway
Poteau, OK 74953, USA
Mon-Fri: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
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Schedule an Eye Exam

Schedule an Eye Exam

We offer a very thorough eye exam. Your vision will be tested at all distances. In addition to prescribing glasses we will also examine your eye health.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Whether you are just starting out in contacts or have tried without success to wear them before we will get the right lens for you!

Get fitted for contacts

Poteau Eye Care

We specialize in family eye care. Make your appointment today for your yearly eye health exam. We can also treat red, watery and itchy eyes. We have a wide variety of frames to choose from! We also fit many different contact lenses. We accept all insurances so call today!

We consider our staff and patients as part of our family. As healthcare providers, and patients ourselves, we understand the importance of quality care. When you come to Poteau Eye Care, you will be welcomed as a patient and leave as a friend.

Vision Care


  • 143 Million adults wear prescription eye wear.
  • 61 Percent of adults had an eye exam within the last year.
  • 48 Percent of children under 12 have never had eye care.
  • 19 Percent of adults wear contact lenses.
  • 8 Million adults undergo Lasik surgery every year.